European Road Safety Charter

F.M.A - Fédération du Matériel pour l'Automobile a.s.b.l.

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

In October 2005, the campaign entitled “Pensez à votre santé” (Think about your Health) will be implemented.
During the campaign, vehicle owners can stop by one of the participating garages/professional workshops (more than 1000 are taking part) for a free safety check-up of the four vital security elements: tyres, brakes, shock absorbers, lights and windscreen wipers.

The slogan and image of the campaign - an X-ray of a car - refer to the health of the car driver which is directly linked to the state of his or her vehicle. The good technical condition of a car contributes considerably to road and traffic safety.

During the campaign, free leaflets (500,000 copies) will be distributed throughout the participating garages, with posters (15,000 copies) and check-lists (100,000 copies). A radio commercial will support the campaign during the first two weeks. The participating garages will fill in a check-list during the check-ups in order to assess the condition of the cars after the campaign. The results are to be presented during a press conference one month after the campaign.

Depending on the evaluation results of the campaign, we will repeat it in 2006 and 2007.

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