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Freeways Confederation - Autostrade SpA

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The "Confederazione Autostrade SpA" commits to udertake the following actions:

  1. Implementation of experimental systems to face up the fog phenomenon

    “Autostrada del Brennero” commits itself to extend the potentiality of its luminous driving system in fog, at present used only for 1/3 if its potentialities. At present it is used to light up carriageway borders but in future it will also show the speed to be kept and possible obstacles.
    “Autostrada Brescia Padova” commits itself to extend for further 39 km its luminous driving system in fog, named “Companion”.

  2. Subscription and implementation of agreement protocols with the institutional subjects in charge of the intervention on the highway

    “Autostrada del Brennero”:
    By means of specific agreements, the Incorporation intends to extend also on the section Affi – Modena the users assistance service, with rescue operating units, to be activated in case of long queues or highway’s traffic stops with presumable waiting time longer than 2 hours.

    “Autostrada Brescia Padova”:
    The Incorporation commits itself to improve, by means of separate collaborations with the VV.FF. and the territorial competent Health Services, the existing intervention procedures aiming at higher safety and shorter time operations. In specific protocols, criteria will be established on the information exchange in the alert phase and on the communication modalities in the emergency management phase. This also implies a combined analysis of the infrastructural and managerial elements, possibly leading to higher safety levels already in advance.

  3. Information and advertising for road safety “Autostrada del Brennero” commits itself to carry out advertising campaigns concerning prevention and sanctions from the Highways Code on own media and technologies.

    “Autostrada Brescia Padova” commits itself to: (a) implement the number of variable message panels/portals on the ordinary roads network; (b) maintain the “Helpy” service in the secondary schools, aimed at building a road safety culture through road education interventions.

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