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Gent - City of Gent

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

To deliberately take the initiative of implementing measures going beyond the regulatory requirements in force, namely to take further initiatives in the field of speed management in as many ways as possible: vehicle technology, regulations, infrastructure, control and enforcement, awareness raising and education.

To further introduce and develop measures about speed management, i.e.:

  • To extend the 30 km/hour areas in the city until all residential areas have this speed limit. Approximately 70% of the streets in Gent will then have this speed limit.
  • In cooperation with the Regional Road Authority, to further re-arrange the Minor Ring Road (city ring road) in such a way to make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians, and to enforce the speed limits more strictly.
  • To introduce speed limiting devices in at least 10 school environments in coming years.
  • To further develop the ISA system, with respect to the available budgets.
  • To report regularly to the Commission on progress.
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