European Road Safety Charter

Goodyear Dunlop Tires Europe B.V.

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Tires are the only contact between the vehicle and the road therefor they represent an important automotive component and can deliver a significant contribution to road safety.

At Goodyear we have an ongoing commitment to improve the performance of our tires to deliver high safety standards to both our customers and other road users.  We continuously invest in developing new technologies and solutions offering consumers enhanced tire performance in a wide variety of conditions: from compound polymers that deliver better grip and braking; to tread patterns that provide optimal performances in different weather and road conditions and through extended mobility solutions so the driver can continue the journey even in the case of a puncture.

Our commitment includes initiatives throughout the organisation to build partnerships with public and private entities and drive greater road safety standards across Europe. We aim to contribute to both vehicle performance and driver education. Since many years we run and support campaigns to educate Europe's drivers on the significant role that tires play in road safety and the importance of proper tire maintenance.

Under the umbrella of ThinkGoodMobility Goodyear EMEA connects like-minded people as well as road safety and future mobility stakeholders to think and engage on smart, safe and sustainable mobility. It also explores the role tires may play in the future and aim to meet the highest standards in road safety now and in the future.  

Smart mobility

Moving forward, the role of the tire will become even more important than it already is today. Future-generation autonomous fleets will be operating in a complex environment, with other vehicles, drivers, pedestrians and data from all the elements making up the Internet of Things. To ensure safe and comfortable mobility, the autonomous vehicles of the future will need accurate data on tire and road conditions, as well as their own performance.

Explore our latest concept tires for autonomous fleets of the future and discover how the tire will talk to us in the future and become part of the vehicle’s ‘nervous system’ and the connected world:

Safe mobility

Over the last couple of years, we have conducted several road safety and mobility surveys to better understand drivers' behaviour and attitudes. We have surveyed a range of different safety and future mobility related topics to:

  • improve the quality of ‘ordinary, everyday’ interactions between drivers,
  • better understand how the arrival of autonomous vehicles will change the road as a social space.

The campaign also includes different life-long learning initiatives across EMEA to educate different generations on traffic safety from early childhood to experienced driver levels.

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Sustainable mobility

At Goodyear, we continuously innovate to create a better future.    
Our innovation efforts are focused on making tires more environmentally friendly—in our materials, in performance, and in the manufacturing process.

Goodyear is looking for opportunities to help reduce the tire industry’s use of petroleum-derived products and enhance the tire performance with innovative and renewable material solutions. 

Building on its past experience with the company’s worldwide vision “Safety Together”, Goodyear Dunlop will continue educational actions under the umbrella campaign of “Life-long learning on road safety and on tires’ importance for safety”. We commit to continuous communication on tire maintenance and proper tire use from the outset of the driving experience, and also to educate on traffic safety from early childhood.


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