European Road Safety Charter

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
By acknowledging those who already work hard to increase safety, we will encourage haulage companies to carry out Road Safety improvements.
1 - We organise a yearly professional transport award in Sweden with traffic safety as one of the categories for winning. The goal is to encourage the industry's to improve road safety performance by showing good examples, create general awareness of possibilities and publicity regarding efforts being made in order to improve road safety.
The prize money of 10.000 Euro should help develop further improvement projects and is given by us. One person from each partner organisation will form the judging panel.
2. We contribute to the "Best of Transport" award in Belgium (prize organised by "Transport media") by giving a free training package to the winner (value 15.000 Euro). The package includes an audit on potential improvements and training in order to create an environment that stimulates responsible driving and for haulage companies to improve traffic safety. A major part is about decreasing stress, which is a main cause of traffic accidents.
3. Collaboration with national radio stations. We collaborate with a Swedish radio station to have the presenters of the morning shows tell their listeners about the work of the professional drivers and safety regulations. The aim is to encourage car drivers to keep the distance and contribute to a safer and more environmentally friendly environment. Our objective is that the road safety messages are repeated on a regular basis. We will consider extending this programme on Belgian radio stations.
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