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Group for Road Action

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


Our association exists 10 years in August 2010. We want to commit to the European Road Safety Charter with our various actions and improve them as much as possible within the available budget.
- Prevention in primary schools by means of an interactive terminal within the reach of children. This tool is also used at prevention fairs for the general public. We also provide them with pedagogical materials and a certificate of participation.
- Prevention in secondary schools through the dissemination of a DVD produced by our association, conference debate, workshop 'Fatal Vision' goggles. We also provide these prevention programs to youth groups, scouts, adults, etc.
- Criminal mediation in partnership with Fedemot. Awareness raising for young people who have committed a crime on two wheels. We provide them with training instead of a heavy fine.
- Prevention and awareness in companies.
- Awareness raising on the dangers of alcohol, drugs, failure to wear seat belts, etc. during festivities.
- Driving home safely services at the request of event organizers.
- Assistance to victims and families of victims of road accidents, from the psychological point of view as well as from all other approaches (e.g. litigation).



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