European Road Safety Charter

Hellenic Post (ELTA)

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Hellenic post (ELTA) intends to establish the ELTA Road Safety Code during the first semester of 2008 as a set of universal road behaviour rules and commits to the ERSC through the following actions:

  • The statistical data related to road accidents on Greek roads will be analysed in February 2008 in order to draw concrete conclusions, which will be translated into meaningful actions. The goal of our communication plan will be to communicate our participation in the European Road Safety Charter initiative and its implications in relation to the operations of our organisation.
  • ELTA’s involvement in the European Road Safety Charter initiative will be communicated in the magazine published by our organisation, Epistoli+. A total of 20,000 copies of the magazine are printed four times per year, and articles will be linked to road safety topics throughout 2008. The concept will be communicated separately to the managers of those departments related to distribution; in turn, the managers will be responsible for conveying the messages to their department.
  • ELTA employs approximately 2,500 drivers. The organisation owns and uses 646 small and heavy-duty vehicles and 2,373 motorbikes. The primary actions will target drivers, aiming to attract their attention and interest initially and then encouraging them to get involved and become ambassadors of a Road Safety Culture Programme. More specifically, we will communicate very powerful messages associated to road safety at work. Posters will be placed in our extensive network locations (over 800), special topics will be included in newsletters targeting drivers, and brochures will be distributed to specific locations of our network.
  • We will seek the support of enterprises related to road safety for advice and will provide special seminars for the workforce of ELTA and ELTA express courier.
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