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Hellenic Red Cross

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
The basic object of the Hellenic Red Cross commitment is to raise awareness on Road Safety behaviour. Our actions on Road Safety that continue our commitment to the Road Safety Charter for the next three years are:
1. Organize events in public squares of Athens, distributing material, giving information to the people on Road Safety. The first event is planned to take place in the first trimester of 2011 at the Syntagma square.
2. Organize events in schools and institutes by distributing educational material. Here we will focus in the learning of the Good Practices of the Road Safety for students, teachers and parents.
3. Distribute Road Safety informative leaflets at the Tolls which are currently present in the two exits of the city of Athens. The driver will be given the leaflet by our volunteers.
4. Collaborate with the Samaritans, the Panos Mylonas Road Safety Institute, the Hellenic American Union and the Ministry of Education in any way possible to plan and carry out initiatives related to road safety in Greece.


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