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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
Our targets for the upcoming years are related to improvements of our internal road transport safety program, aiming for improved safety of both our own and contracted drivers. We will do the following:
- 2010-2012: Road Transportation Safety days (RTSD) at all sites and follow up. The topics discussed comprise the Lafarge safety policy, training on safe loading und unloading, necessary equipment (truck) inspections, root cause analysis of specific accidents on the road, evaluation of driving performance of our contractors (awards for safest drivers). At the end of each RTSD each participant commits to safe driving by signing an agreement. The RTSDs take place at least once a year at all company sites, and the topics can vary according to the needs. There will be approximately 500 participants in each RTSD.
- 2010: Completion of "safe pass". The safe pass is a "passport" that is put at the right window of each silo-truck after successful technical control/inspection of a truck to indicate that the vehicle is safe and in a position to travel. Trucks that do not carry the pass are not allowed to enter our premises (our plants) to load.
- 2010: Risk Re-assessment of our road transportation operations - from loading at the plant to unloading at the customer.
- 2010: Expand our performance metrics to include: Speed violation incidents, % of non conformities, violation of legal driving/working hours (driving hour report) and Speed - "harsh" - acceleration.
- 2011-2012: Integration of all performance metrics and audits into a scoring/performance system. So far all technical (trucks) performance (of drivers) is kept in an Access database. On the other hand GPS (Global Positioning System) is providing us with reports on operational performance of drivers. The target is to create a scoring/performance system that will monitor the performance of each truck/driver (both technical & operational) and that will be incorporated in our Enterprise Resource Planning system. This scoring system will help us identify the best and safest performing drivers/trucks. Our target will be to work only with those with the highest score, those who will make safety their first priority.
- 2010-2011: Extend our road transportation safety program to all transport subcontractors (including bagged cement). This will affect another 50 people/contractors.
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