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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Interamerican as part of its commitment to road safety and the European road safety will undertake the following Action Plan for 2011-2013:

1. "Safe Driving: a one-way road for your life" campaign.
We will organize six events in various cities of Greece and three events in Attica (the broad area around the capital) all with the collaboration of the famous race driver Iaveris and his team.

The regional events will last three days each and will include:

a) Press conferences, interviews and spots/messages in the local Media (press, TV, radio)

b) A lecture given by Iaveris himself and speeches by local authorities responsible for road safety during the main event, which takes the form of a seminar

c) Practical demonstration of ways to respond to unforeseen road risks with the participation of local citizens who take turns in the driver's seat

d) Distribution of informative leaflets

e) Lectures to be given by Iaveris to young people at local schools and army camps. 2.000 - 2500 people are expected to attend the events and even more to be reached across through the Media campaign.

The events in Attica will take the form of one-day seminars.

2. We will carry out three informative evening events on Road Safety for the INTERAMERICAN work force (internal).

3. We will distribute by mail educational leaflets on Road Safety to INTERAMERICAN policy holders along with their car policies. The number of recipients is estimated to reach 150.000 by 2013.

4. We will collaborate with the organisation "Young Safe Drivers" (member of the European Road Safety Charter) to promote the mobile phone software to car policy holders and send relevant electronic messages sponsored by INTERAMERICAN.

5. We will offer six alcohol measuring devices (type: SD400P) and speed control radars to the Greek police.


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