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The IRU, as the road transport industry representative worldwide, has always approached road safety related issues proactively through actions aimed to establish the cause of accidents involving commercial vehicles and by making recommendations to set up concrete actions to prevent accidents and improve the road safety of commercial vehicles, their drivers, passengers, cargo and other road users. The International Road Transport Union will continue to do this over the next three years.

The IRU has set up different road safety related actions covering Europe, Asia and North America. These actions are set up by using different methods involving professional training through the IRU Academy, driver testing, leaflets, guidelines for transport companies and drivers, campaign funding, seminars, conferences and consultations with authorities and partner organisations. Some of these are the vehicle manufacturers, infrastructure providers, trade unions and users at different levels with the aim of improving road safety for all and reducing the number of fatalities and injured people from road accidents. Committed to its Road Safety Charter, the IRU will continue to work along these lines during the coming three years at least. More information on the actions undertaken by the IRU can be found on: 

A team of 10 people is directly involved at the level of the IRU Secretariat in close cooperation with a network of 180 Member Associations in 74 countries. These resources will continue to be deployed in support of road safety related initiatives in the coming three years.


The IRU has also recently allocated major funding in the framework of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety to improve commercial road transport safety and could be used for projects  launched in the framework of this important road safety related initiative.


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