European Road Safety Charter

Mettiamoci in Gioco

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
Over the next three years, we will use our professional skills in the field of road safety. The main objective will be to achieve respect of the Highway Code.
- Slogan on safety for the production of posters
We will produce some 200 posters every year featuring road safety slogans, which will be selected by pupils at the Sant’Agata Li Battiati schools. The posters will deal with issues such as the use of helmets, civic sense and behaviour on the road, encouraging the sensible use of means of transport among children and adults, etc.
The posters will be exhibited on a rotating basis in the five facilities (for posters measuring 100 x 140 cm) to be used by “Mettiamoci in Gioco”. Three of these facilities are located in the respective entrances of the main schools, where the average daily influx of students and parents exceeds 2,000 people. The two remaining facilities are in central locations with a good influx of people. Other posters will be distributed regularly in bordering municipalities: Gravina, San Giovanni la Punta, San Gregorio, Tremestieri, Catania, Mascalucia, Pedara, etc.
(NB: the municipality of Sant’Agata Li Battiati has approximately 10,000 inhabitants, and the populations of the bordering municipalities range from 5,000 to 25,000).
- “Highway Code dialogue” meetings: involvement of the school catchment area of 1,500 pupils per year.
The meetings will be free of charge and will take place in schools in our city and other neighbouring municipalities. We plan to hold some 15 meetings (over three years), in addition to events related to the meetings, which will be organised by the pupils themselves. The age range will be from 6 to 18 years. We are assessing diverse teaching methods (including slide shows and short film projections) for the various age categories.
- 3rd “Friends of classic motorbikes” meeting, aimed at raising awareness about the use of helmets and involving 1,000 people.
As part of the event (this will be the third edition), the importance of the use of helmets will be emphasised, and ten helmets will be given away in a prize draw. The event will be repeated in the future if it is deemed useful in terms of encouraging young people and not so young people to use helmets on motorbikes. The next edition has already been planned for 4/5/6 September 2009.
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