European Road Safety Charter

Ministère de la Défense - Base de Défense de Lille

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Over the next three years, we will undertake the following actions:

- We will monitor accidents, which will allow us to define our lines of action more specifically and to evaluate their impact.

- We will organise prevention campaigns and take part in the ‘Courtesy on the Road’ week

- We will develop ongoing road safety training, which will include eco-driving courses, which also encourage safer driving.

- We will organise specific activities: intervention of the Road Safety caravan in the armies, demonstrations using a stunt car, simulators, etc.

In order to coordinate these actions, we will create a Road Safety Forum in 2012 directed to all detachments based in the Nord and Pas de Calais departments, which will involve: Défense Base, Defence Base Support Group, prevention officers, senior officer responsible for road safety and voluntary involvement of informed individuals or those with specific and useful knowledge.


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