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Mota-Engil Central Europe starts to conduct a long-term road safety awareness campaign entitled "Safely to the Destination". The campaign is aimed at all users of roads in Poland (drivers, pedestrians, children, cyclists) and consists of a large amount of continuous small-size actions which after three years will reach directly more than 120.000 persons. Within the campaign, Mota-Engil Central Europe commits to the European Road Safety Charter to prevent road accidents through the following actions:
1.       Target audience: Children. Because of insufficient information on road safety in kindergartens and primary schools, and high number of road accidents with children, we will organize 15 awareness meetings during the campaign. The meetings will take place in 10 different cities of Poland, in kindergartens and primary schools. The meetings will involve chats about road safety, "Safe Street" contests, advicing on how to cross street and how to obey the traffic signs. We will distribute leaflets and reflective gadgets related to road safety (reflective straps and reflective hand bands, reflective shoe bags, reflective back bags, schedule of classes with instructions on safety, books and drawings about safe street crossing) to all the participants. Morevoer, we will participate in 6 bicycle card exams in primary schools in different regions of Poland in order to distribute road safety reflective materials and to distribute bicycle guides on how to ride bicycles safely.
2.       Target audience: Drivers. The main cause of the accidents in Poland is excessive speed and disregard of giving way to pedestrians. We will distribute to the drivers of 10 cities from different regions of Poland thousands of leaflets, posters, stickers "baby on board" and guides on road safety with information about dangers of excessive speed, about the necessity of fastening seat belts, about the danger and consequences of drinking alcohol before driving and information that makes aware of rights of the pedestrians. The materials will be distributed in four main places: car services centers, gas stations, car wash centers, driving centers and traffic jams. What is more, each year - for a period of two months - we will release radio announcements on road safety (after information on traffic situation on roads) in two different regions of Poland. Once a year we will release also, in national and local press, articles on road safety.   
3.       Target audience: Pedestrians. We will locate, in 6 different towns of Poland, posters which shall be placed on bus stops and inside the buses. The posters shall be aimed at pedestrians and shall include instructions on road safety in order to educate pedestrians, to draw their attention to safety and to prevent accidents.
We are sure, that by all these complex actions Mota-Engil Central Europe will help to prevent and to reduce number of accidents in Poland.

Duration of commitment: May 2010 - May 2013 



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