European Road Safety Charter

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Our motorcycle club, with more than one hundred members always has a presence at national motorcycling events, with an awareness of the physical damage caused by no observation of traffic regulations.
For this reason we want to join the European Road Safety Charter with the following:
- Courses taught in various schools in the province of Salerno, non for profit , supported by the police.
These sessions aimed at children from 12 years of age will focus on themes related to the most important road safety knowledge (stopping, prohibitions, bumps, priorities, etc..); with the older group who already have a motorcycle licence we will review the type of helmet they possess, if its approved in relation to the type of motocyle being used. We will provide knowledge of the danger of overtaking, view photos of minor incidents that causes harm due to the lack of helmet and guards, the road and its dangers and the importance of pedestrians crossing roads, etc..
The courses of 90 minutes each, will take place in schools and the amount is related to availability at the shools. We plan to involve more than 1,000 children a year.
Start 01 10 2008 - 30 05 2011
- Free distribution of information material at motorcycle and other events for charity (more than 40 every year).
We will istribute printed material with information about road safety, driving tests, stories of personal experiences.
To provide awareness to at least 400 people per event.
- Distribution of information during the national telethon (TV event) in collaboration with BNL (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro) and FMI (Federazione Motociclistica Italiana).
During the event we will broadcast on national television road safety messages.



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