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Moto Club Praia a Mare

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
Over the next three years, on a non-profit basis and in the context of the campaign entitled “La strada non è una pista” [the road is not a race track], we will raise road safety awareness at nursery schools, primary schools and secondary schools in Alto Tirreno Cosentino.
- We will organise effective awareness training courses (three per year) to teach six- to twelve-year-olds about using helmets and/or respecting road signs.
- We will distribute colouring books among schools containing drawings of signs and roads, in order to educate pupils in a simple and fun manner about respecting the Highway Code.
- We will hold practical tests (only for young people who are taking their motorcycle driving test) under the authority of the Italian Motorcycle Federation, in order to determine the degree of theoretical knowledge of the young people.
Start of the activity: 01.04.2009 End date: 31.12.2012.
We plan to raise awareness among a total of approximately 30,000 people, also through the campaign posters that we will put up.
We will cooperate with the Italian Motorcycle Federation, the police and the administrative authorities.
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