European Road Safety Charter
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We continue our commitment to the European Road Safety Charter with the following actions:
In collaboration with the “Panos Mylonas Road Safety Institute” we have developed and currently maintain a gis map pointing system that allows the pin-pointing of the problems on our national road network. We will release the beta version of our system in 2011 through our own funding as we have not yet managed to secure funding from Public authorities. Our beta version will not only cover vehicle drivers but also cyclists and pedestrians. Our current system has more than 144.351 users.
Furthermore we will also publish our own section in “Automag”. “Automag” is the biggest e-magazine in Greece. Our section in the magazine will include data from our map as well as talks from related experts about specific road network failures and proposing ways fix those. We will publish in “Automag” at least until 2013.


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