European Road Safety Charter

Municipality of Alandroal

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

With the objective of sensitizing and improving the behaviour of the population towards public road traffic, the Alandroal municipality will in the next 3 years organize the following actions:

1 - Development of the municipal road traffic safety plan, until the end of 2011, with the municipal services and the related institutions and security services.

2 - Development of an action plan for the local schools with the theme Traffic and Road Safety, in partnership with the National Republican Guard (GNR). Target population: kindergarten children and primary school students 173 kindergarten children 115 primary school students.

The content of the classes shall focus on the road environment:
a) Pedestrians
b) Bicycles
c) Safety in vehicles

3 - Sensitizing and informing drivers and the general public about road safety through the publication of articles regarding road safety on the municipality's website and in the municipal bulletin.

4 - Improve traffic signage, avoiding problems in the road signage of the municipal roads by lack of signs and since some signs become obsolete or disappear.



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