European Road Safety Charter

Municipality of Volos

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The Municipality of Volos renews its commitment to the European Road Safety charter for the next three years with the following actions. We will:

1. Organize in coordination with the local primary schools and kindergartens visits to our road safety education park. These visits will have as an aim to educate children on the rules and regulations of using our networks. These will be done through theatrical plays, drawings and games. The visits which will be in a form of an event will be concluded with a speech from road safety experts about the current situations and the actions that need to be taken to improve it.
2. Publish informative leaflets on road safety education. These leaflets will be distributed to the schools of the Municipality and will also be available at our premises. The leaflets will contain information on good driving conduct and will be distributed at specific intervals during the next three years.
3. Organize a road safety day in 2012. In this day we will plan road safety demonstrations, informative events and exhibitions by experts. Our aim is to bring citizens and experts together so that an exchange of ideas, view and opinions will take place. The day will target all the citizens of our city and our aim is to establish it on a yearly basis.


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