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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Myślę na drodze commits to European Road Safety Charter for the next three years with the following activities.

l. In order to promote safe behavior on the road we will organize and participate in picnics, meetings, forums, congresses, contests and games related to road safety. The expected number of participants every year is approximately 40 thousand people. On these occasions we will raise awareness to the public about road safety related topics. We will organize such a meeting at least once a month.

2. We will raise road safety awareness among children. The rules of safe behavior on the road are part of our program:

"Safe Way to School” for primary school children. We will train about 10 thousand children per year. Teach safe behaviors when traveling; These sessions will take place at primary schools in our region. The first session is planned to take place in March 2012.

3. We will organize meeting and road accident rescue trainings. We will inform our readers about specific details related to these in our magazine "Myślę na drodze". Published approximately 2 times per year.

4. We will test cars to ensure passenger safety and that the child seats have been properly installed.

We will test 12 cars per year for free using experts who are employed within our organization.

5. We will organize free training sessions to improve first aid knowledge.
These sessions will be targeted at around 10 thousand people per year. Our objective is to increase road safety first aid knowledge. Again for this we will use internal expertise and the sessions will take place at our premises.

6. We will undertake the project called "Safe City". In this project our reporters will be talking with residents about road safety in their city. Photographing and filming dangerous place, with poor road infrastructure solutions, paradoxes in the marking. We will then make available the results of this research to our audience.



charter your road saftey problem(s) 

Zbyt wielka ilość wypadków drogowych. Bezmyślność kierowców. Nie zapinanie pasów, złe zakupy fotelików dzięcięcych. Za duże przyzwolenie społeczne na popełnianie wykroczeń drogowych to trzeba zmienić.

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Jest to statystyka narastająca i coraz bardziej zagrażająca osobom postrąnnym jak choćby piesi czy dzieci. Ekspartyzy to wszelkie badania i testy elementów wyposażenia samochodów, oraz dodatkowego choćby foteliki itp.

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