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National Accident Prevention Committee - OBB

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
We would like to join the Charter with the following two specific actions:
1. Road safety and Children, the "Police Officer at School" programme
The "Police Officer at School" programme contributes to the police force's intensive involvement to prevent accidents and crimes in order to protect children. The aim of the programme is to assign a police officer to each primary school, who is in direct contact with school principals, teachers and pupils.
The school police officer has a good knowledge of the characteristics of the school and its surrounding areas, the roads and paths leading to it.
The school police officer will take actions such as:
"           will draw teachers', parents' and pupils' attention to the risks of accident and crime. (school protection, lack of traffic signs at the neighbouring streets).
"           will propose changes to the authorities in order to improve road safety when implementing traffic measures keeping in mind children's safety.
"           will take part in campaigns organised by the national police for primary school pupils and helps to ensure that road traffic is properly managed around schools, and detect people who breaks the traffic rules.
"           will give talks for parents and children on current issues connected with accident prevention.
"           will distribute to school's principals around the country over 400,000 copies of publications containing educational advice about road safety, as well as 30,000 reflective jackets to protect children who use bikes.
So far 1,800 police officers have been assigned to almost 2,400 primary schools, and we will increase the number.
2. Road safety for motorcyclists
In recent years, the National Accident Prevention Committee has taken a great deal of interest in preventing road traffic accidents caused by motorcyclists. We will continue to provide them with accident prevention information by taking the following actions:
"           We will organise once a year an "International Motorcyclists Open Day" at the Hungaroring (Hungarian Formula 1 track ), where we will set up a road safety exhibition and give advice on accident prevention to the participants. We expect around 8,000 motorcyclists to such an event.
We will distribute at the sight 5,000 leaflets with messages of the correct way to circulate on a motorbike and of useful first aid techniques.
"           We will also,- and with the same determination -, draw car drivers' attention to the fact that any "bad feeling" between motorcyclists and car drivers must be surmounted to enable them to use the roads as partners and not "enemies". We will use the large displays on highways and national roads for this purpose.
"           We will regularly raise motorcyclist's awareness of road safety and of the risks they run through broadcast of short films on accident prevention
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