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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


Newspaper “Zastrahovatel” will join the European Road Safety Charter for the next three years with the following initiatives:
  • Once a month, the newspaper will publish data for traffic conditions in the country, related to traffic accidents and traumatism.


  • The newspaper will dedicate special reports (containing photo materials) on the road safety events organized by insurance companies (“Allianz Bulgaria Holidng”, “Bulstrad Vienna Insurance Group”, “Armeec”, etc.) with the aim or raising awareness of road safety culture of behavior for children and young drivers.


  • The edition will initiate collaboration with the Bulgarian Association of Insured and Victims of Traffic Accidents and will support them in disseminating information related to improvement of road safety in the country.


  • It will also collaborate with the press center of Traffic Police and will regularly publish interviews and articles in the area of road safety.
  • We have prepared a material called “Mother Prevention and her children” which we will publish in one of our next editions. The material is strongly focused on prevention and its positive outcomes for lowering the number of casualties on the road.


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