European Road Safety Charter

Ninatrans NV

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We have learnt throughout the years, that continuous road safety training is necessary in order to keep accident figures low, therefore we would like to continue to carry out the following actions in order to reduce accidents and improve road safety:
We will continue to expand our programme of demonstrations in schools where we aim to increase children's awareness by addressing road safety issues. Within the period 2010-2012 we aim to reach about 1500 children per year with these actions. 
We aim to keep improving our driver's awareness by continuous training. Such training will be given once a month to all our drivers (47) in groups of six people/session by our two internal trainers for a duration of seven hours, including three hours of theory and four hours of on-the-road practice. During these courses, special attention is to be given to manoeuvres, the use of mirrors, maintaining sufficient distance, anticipating, and respecting speed limits.



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