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Ochotnicza Straz Pozarna SZCZECIN

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
Ochotnicza Straz Pozarna SZCZECIN (Volunteer Fire Brigades SZCZECIN) will sign European Road Safety Charter and implement the following activities within the next three years:
- Series of road safety contests for both primary and secondary schools. Expected number of attendees - 500 people;
- Lectures and workshops related to road safety for the officers of the Police, Inspectorate of Road Transport and Military Police. Expected number of attendees - 100 people;
- Exhibitions related to road safety at public events such as fairs, school events, festivals. Expected number of attendees - 3,000 people;
- Road safety educational activities for preschool children - Expected number of attendees - 60 people;
- Presentations of procedures at the accident scene (staged accident), learning how to behave when you are whitness of the incident - 10 shows per year, which will be attended by approximately 500 people;
- Rescue trainings for the soldiers of the Military Police. Expected number of attendees - 20 people;
- Rescue trainings for firefighters. Expected number of attendees - 30 people;
- First aid trainings and courses. Expected number of attendees - 100 people;


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