Europäische Charta für Straßenverkehrssicherheit
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Die neue ERSC-Sammlung zur Verkehrssicherheit: Charta-Veröffentlichungen, offizielle EU-Berichte, Mitgliederpublikationen, Präsentationen und Videos.

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Bewährte Praktiken
The safety of children while riding a bike to school. These days the traffic jams at schools before opening are a real problem. These, often small, streets are full with parents dropping their children off in cars, bikes or ‘bakfietsen’. These traffic jams have become a dangerous area for children...
85% of Polish drivers cannot drive properly on highways. They are unable to create a rescue lane in case of a car crash and 80% of drivers declare that they cannot administer first aid. What is more, one of the highest death rate in Europe per 100 accidents was reported in Poland: 8.9! (the lowest...
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