Carta europea della sicurezza stradale
ERSC open library
Carta europea della sicurezza stradale: Open Library
ERSC Open Library

La nuova raccolta di Carta europea della sicurezza stradale/ERSC: pubblicazioni della Carta, relazioni ufficiali dell'UE, pubblicazioni di membri, presentazioni e video.

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85% of Polish drivers cannot drive properly on highways. They are unable to create a rescue lane in case of a car crash and 80% of drivers declare that they cannot administer first aid. What is more, one of the highest death rate in Europe per 100 accidents was reported in Poland: 8.9! (the lowest...
Αγαπητοί αναγνώστες, στην παρούσα πρόταση συνεργασίας παρουσιάζεται ο σκοπός, ο στόχος, οι δράσεις και τα αποτελέσματα του project, με τίτλο: «Η ανακύκλωση, η πρόληψη των τροχαίων & τα πολλαπλά οφέλη της». Μελετώντας ο αναγνώστης τη σύνοψη του έργου, κατανοεί τα προβλήματα πάνω στα οποία...
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