European Road Safety Charter

ORODA (Organization for Road Safety - City of Athens)

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ORODA (Organization for Road Safety - City of Athens) renews its commitment to the European Road Safety Charter for the next three years with the following actions:


1. Implementation of Road Safety Educational Programs
Within the Public School System. Programs will be developed in cooperation with specialists and educators responsible for the schools in the city of Athens.
Implementation is planned to take place at the municipal Vacation / Camp site and for schools to visit (in groups of 50 children) for a full day of Road Safety Education and Awareness.
For Pre-school age children, there will be a team of pre-school educators that will visit each school and provide the final approved program.
Programs will begin with the schools belonging to the municipality and will be offered to schools in surrounding areas.
The above programs will include material for children and students to take home that will also target and inform parents.
2. ORODA will continue to support and implement both European and locally developed Road Safety Awareness Building Programs that target the citizens of Athens and general public.


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