European Road Safety Charter

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Our organisation commits, for the coming three years, to introduce the following measures in order to contribute to the improvement of road safety:

  1. We will launch a seminar on road safety for all our members with the aim of educating 1,750 professionals per year on road safety. We are aware that better behaviour by professional drivers on the roads will contribute to road safety. Therefore, this seminar consists of a two-hour/day course, during which specialists will instruct drivers and experiences will be exchanged in order to avoid future accidents. The courses will last for three days every three months.
  2. We will promote a programme entitled Safe Keys via the Radio-Taxi Federation. This programme encourages inebriated drivers to use a taxi service for safe transport late at night. A team of 500 drivers will be available throughout the night to drive people and their vehicles to their homes. 20,000 leaflets will be published and handed out at those establishments that are open late at night in order to promote this initiative. Our goal is to reduce the high level of accidents caused by driving under the influence of alcohol.
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