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Partageons nos routes (Share Our Roads, non-profit association)

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
The non-profit association Partageons Nos Routes (Share Our Roads) renews its commitment for the three coming years to the following activities:
-        Partnership with RYD (Responsible Young Drivers) within the framework of “be soft” activities: at festive events, young people wear a bracelet, a sign of their commitment not to consume mind-altering substances during the event. Water, apples, apple juice and earplugs are distributed to them free of charge. If they are safe, they leave with a prize.
At least twenty actions during the year, mainly during the summer period.
-        Raising awareness of wearing seatbelts, thanks to the stunt car that travels throughout Wallonia.
-        Raising awareness of road dangers for two-wheel vehicles thanks to the motorcycle simulator (it can be transported to schools but also to different events throughout the year).
-        Raising awareness of road safety education thanks to the fixed track in Libramont (catering mainly for primary schools in conjunction with the Federal Police Education and Prevention Unit).
-        Organisation of refresher courses for senior citizens throughout the province of Luxembourg in conjunction with the Federal Police Education and Prevention Unit (on request, thirty people per session).
-        Poster campaign promoting prevention, with positive connotations, which places the emphasis on positive values found in sport and road safety. As from September 2011.


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