European Road Safety Charter

Portugal Telecom

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In the next three years Portugal Telecom (PT), within its Program "Sustainable Fleet", will reduce the rate of road fatalities and fuel consumption within the company.
The objective of the program is to become an example of a safe and sustainable company. Our programme objective is to raise awareness of all our collaborators with special focus on training.
On the safety level we intend to reduce the rate of road accidents registered by our company in 2008 by 2/3 - which means to reduce it from 12 to 4 accidents per 1.000.000 annually travelled (driven). We plan to reach this objective within a 4 years period. 
Our program is composed of the two following steps:
1) Implementation of the "Sustainable Fleet" that is based on the following points:
- Identification of the risk level associated with each driver:
Identification of the type of driver and of the surrounding to which he is subject, in order to better respond to their driving necessities. To implement these identifications, we will undertake audits, questionnaires and evaluations of the fleet users.
- Tailor-made driving training:
Dissemination of the manual and training of defensive and ecological driving within the risk groups that displays.
- Regular analysis of the results:
We will register, evaluate and disseminate the indicators of our fleet accidents in order to ensure the fulfilment of the proposed objectives.
Every step will be communicated so as to involve and give responsibility to the main protagonists to engage a commitment of active involvement towards the proposed results.
2) Constitution of a working group (a Steering Committee for safety and efficiency in driving) with shared objectives in order to guarantee the correct implementation of the project. The Steering Committee will be responsible of approving measures to implement the company commitment, ensuring the dissemination process and allowing to observe the receptivity and acceptance of the initiatives. The Steering Committee will be composed of managers, collaborators, partners and union associations.  


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De acordo com um estudo efectuado, em 2008 a PT apresentava um valor de sinistralidade rodoviária de 12 acidentes por milhão de quilómetros percorridos. Com o Programa criado para a redução da sinistralidade rodoviária e do consumo de combustíveis na PT, cuja primeira etapa passa pela assinatura da Carta Europeia da Segurança Rodoviária, a Portugal Telecom pretende, em 4 anos, reduzir em 2/3 a respectiva taxa de sinistralidade rodoviária.

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