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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
  • The bank will launch a national campaign called “Cross safely with Postbank” directed to saving life and preventing traffic accidents. The message of the financial institution will be addressed to all participants in the traffic, calling for them to be more responsible on the road. The appeal to the pedestrians is to cross only on the appropriate for that part of the road infrastructure and for the drivers to give priority to pedestrians when approaching a zebra.
  • In the work frame of the project, Postbank will improve road infrastructure with repairing missing markings on the crossing zebras in Sofia and throughout the country. This social responsibility initiative will be implemented with the close collaboration of Traffic Police and the municipalities included in the initiative. “Cross safely” is a long term project of the financial institution, which will enlarge its scope in the future, targeting more crossing zebras and more cities and towns.
  • Through the first stage of the campaign, 8 zebra crossings will be “revived”. The cities included are going to be Sofia, Varna, Stara Zagora and Vratsa.
Apart from improving road markings with the aim of higher visibility of the zebras, “Cross safely” will aim at raising the awareness of all road users. Therefore Postbank, together with Traffic Police, will design and print informational booklet with useful advices for road safety and prevention of traffic accidents. The booklet will be disseminated in the branches of Traffic Police and the branches of Postbank.
  • Employees of Postbank will be actively involved in the road safety campaign as volunteers and representatives of the initiative.


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