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In the following years 2010-2013 we will continue to target high risk population groups (such as young drivers, drink and driving, holiday drivers etc.). We will plan our road safety campaigns around our monthly, bimonthly and quarterly publications, and we will intensify our effort during the periods of cultural drinking and mass exodus from cities (Christmas, summer holidays etc.).

We plan to use speed measurements, use of seat belts and crash helmets, and the incidence of drinking and driving as our main indicators. All too often and despite extensive legislation, a certain percentage of road users show lack of compliance with respect to precisely these indicators. Therefore, we aim to publish data drawn from the national bureau for statistics in our magazines, not only as raw statistics, differences, irregularities etc., but also as the basis for simple but well designed questionnaires in awareness campaigns etc.
We will remain with the classical methods for disseminating information (posters, magazines etc.), and we will go on with the use of single-use alcohol testers (3.000 yearly). We will plan our No drink and drive -campaigns in cooperation with the traffic police and the owners of night clubs. The posters will be sent in cooperation with the local authorities.
In addition, we will proceed to holding seminars and congresses and to using emails in order to better coordinate our efforts. We have planned for 8 multinational congresses per year. Invitations to congresses and information exchange, mainly to and from other members of the Charter, will be communicated by email.
We have assigned a team of 5 people led by the company director, the responsibility of planning, overseeing and executing the main tasks of our effort.


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