European Road Safety Charter

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Starting this August we want to have in place “for the next three years” a road safety policy implemented:
- As part of our onboarding manual
- As part of our development manual
- As part of our team development checklist for the on-job training days

In this initial phase of the company this function will be performed by one of the two associate managers.
To acquire vehicles that ensure the safety of passengers and other road users (Mercedes Viano).

To include in the onboarding and team development manuals a module about:
- Severe weather driving techniques
- Defensive driving techniques
- Distracted driving avoidance (including mobile phone usage, eating and smoking)
To use digital tools – website and Facebook – to underline the importance of road safety at least once per trimester and also to share articles and interesting news about this issue.
To include in the team meetings the Road Safety theme at least once per trimester.
To include in all our client communication tools our commitment towards the European Road Safety Charter.

eventual partnerships in your commitment 

Neste momento estabelecemos uma parceria com a Mercedes, já que por uma questão de imagem e segurança todas as viaturas serão Mercedes-Benz e estamos a estabelecer também uma parceria com uma seguradora.

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