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Pro Vélo asbl (cycling research and promotion institute)

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
Pro Vélo asbl undertakes to continue its bicycle training and education work in order to provide citizens (adults and children) with the necessary tools for riding bicycles safely in traffic. We will carry out the following actions in particular:
A. Cycling proficiency certificate (
The cycling proficiency certificate is an innovative project that encourages children to prepare for cycling autonomy on the road. The project is carried out in partnership with the Walloon region, the Brussels region, municipalities and schools. It comprises a training course followed by an evaluation period, and concludes with the issuing of a document certifying that the child has passed the various proficiency tests.
In brief, the course is divided into four stages:
1. Theoretical training on the Highway Code and road safety
2. Bicycle handling exercises in a protected area (generally the playground)
3. Safe cycling exercises in traffic
4. An individual road test in the vicinity of the school, comprising the majority of common difficulties that children may encounter.
Our objective is to make the cycling proficiency certificate a standard feature of education by training 80% of primary fifth-form pupils from the French community by 2012.
B. Ladies on bikes:
This project seeks to offer women and young girls training to learn to ride a bicycle and move about safely in the city. According to surveys carried out by the Brussels Bicycle Observatory, women represent only 25-30% of cyclists. Some women do not know how to ride a bicycle or have never learned. Others are hesitant, sceptical about safety when travelling by bicycle. Through appropriate training, bicycles can become a tool for emancipation, freedom, effectiveness and safety. The aim is to enable women from underprivileged areas in Brussels and their children to ride about safely in the city on their bicycles, raise their awareness about their abilities and give them self-confidence, and provide them with a tool for insertion and autonomy, so that they can then go on to develop other projects.
Our objective for 2009 is to train 2,200 people, and to train an additional 10% every year over the coming years.
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