European Road Safety Charter

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We commit to the European Road Safety Charter for the next three years and will organize every year:

-18 one day trainings with California Superbike Schools (50 participants/day)
-10 one day trainings with 0300 Riding School (40 participants/day), and
-12 one day trainings with Piaggio Safe Riding School (25 participants/day).
These not-for-profit trainings answer to the need of teaching motorcycle riders how to actually ride the motorcycle, in comparison to the compulsory driving course that only gives knowledge about “operating” the motorcycle. During the seminar the participants will learn to reflect their own driving behaviour, to drive with maximum stability, to anticipate the motorcycles reactions to road and traffic conditions and to react correctly in case of loss of stability of the motorcycle.
The training participants are divided into groups according to their experience. Each group does 5 theoretical lessons alternating with the implementation of theory on the track. Each training day lasts from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. We will use three trainings tracks / closed areas for our driving courses; Megara Circuit near Athens; Serres Circuit in Northern Greece and "Auto Festival" vehicle safety & leisure park near Athens.
All in all we will train about 1.400 riders per year. These actions will last for 3 years.


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