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Przedszkole Nr 11 im. Lesnych Ludków

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Kindergarten No 11 is situated near a district, whose significant part of habitants are families facing economical and social problems. Children from this kind of environment are often left alone to entertain themselves on the street, which poses a threat to their health and life.

Parents of children attending our kindergarten have often informed our employees about dangerous situations on the roads leading to the kindergarten (children posing a danger left unattended playing on streets or riding alone bicycle).

During the next 3 years we want to provide the children attending our facility with the basic concept of road safety behaviour. We want to do it in an illustrative and accessible manner, through series of thematic classes tailored to the capacity of the youngest children (3-6 years old).

In September 2009 we are also planning to organize family picnic under the slogan "I am safe on the road." This action will involve all employees of our facility, as well as police, ambulance, fire brigades and neighbouring Kindergarten No 2. Every year in June we will as well organise summary event in a form of Children Sport Games, which will include elements of safety road education and will be attended by the above-mentioned local authorities.

We will measure the result of our actions by evaluating whether our children know how to be safe participants of road traffic. For this purpose, we will use the original educative program dealing with safety road issues for children aged 3-6 years: "Safe World of children" (written by B. Rozmus).

We will also inform adult drivers (parents of children, district residents, etc.) to adjust the speed and double care on the roads near the kindergarten. We want to inform about it during meetings with parents, as well as by posting posters, warning signs, etc.

Number of people targeted by our action: 500
Number of materials produced (leaflets, etc.): 500

Commitment duration: 2009-2011

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