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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


1.       We will realize our own preventive program "Save the children". It will contain every item that is connected with widely understood road safety for children. In the following three years, we will organise road safety lessons every month.
2.       We will realise yearly educational projects "On the road and on the crossroad", giving children practical road safety lessons.
4.       Every autumn we will invite a theatre for children to present a road safety play
5.       Once a month we will publish a special newspaper containing road safety information and practical recommendations for children.
6.       In January this year we distributed 400 calendars promoting road safety issues. These calendars contained pictures of children wearing fluorescent waistcoats and telephone numbers which should be used in emergency. Next year, we are planning to print more calendars of this kind.
Duration of the commitment: 3 years
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