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RED - Responsibility-Experience-Defensive

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The RED association is committed to continuing to carry out actions that contribute to the reduction of the number of accidents on Europe’s roads:
- Publication on its website of information on the methods used to monitor alternative measures established by the Belgian courts.
Perpetrators of accidents are sent to the William Lennox Centre in Ottignies to offer their support to those who have been seriously injured in car accidents. This initiative has led to a non-recidivism rate of 98%, which in turn has contributed to improving road safety.
The information published will address the methods used and the results obtained.
It will be updated annually.
In partnership with the Belgian universities, RED will run free defensive driving classes for students, with a view to improving their ability to avoid accidents in unexpected, dangerous situations. This initiative is known as the Drive Academy.
These classes will include a theoretical component lasting approximately two hours, as well as a practical component that involves spending a half-day on a driving circuit.
The aim is to make this free training course available to at least 3,000 young drivers per year.


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