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Responsible Young Drivers

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

With the overall aim of raising the awareness of future drivers, over the next three years Responsible Young Drivers undertakes to:

  • Organise an awareness-raising action with breathalyser tests at clubs about once a week in order to make young people aware of the dangers of driving under the influence.
  • Increase the number of training sessions in schools (theoretical and practical classes), the idea being to attend at least once a week in an educational establishment. The aim of these briefings is to provide young people with the keys to responsible driving.
  • Raise the awareness of future drivers as to the importance of wearing seat belts. To accomplish this, a poster campaign was organised in the summer in a hundred or so bus shelters. Throughout the year, at the rate of about once a month, Responsible Young Drivers organises poster campaigns on different subjects (recruitment, awareness-raising, accident prevention, etc.).
  • Organise road safety days throughout the year in association with prevention bodies such as the fire brigade or the police, and with educational establishments. On those days the full range of educational material will be used (Alco vision glasses, Alco kart, crash test, roll-over simulator, etc). The aim of these activities is to make young and not so young people aware of the dangers of “irresponsible” driving and the importance of wearing seat belts.
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