European Road Safety Charter
good practice

Good practice submission

What problem did you address/are you addressing? 
We wanted to address elementary school students in relation to visibility. Knowing that high visibility garments are not very much liked by children, we wanted to find out what are those objects, garments, which they would prefer wearing (the 6-14 age group)?Aim of the program: to call the attention to the importance of visibility during the autumn and winter months, encouraging the children and school staff to use their creativity in order to invent new objects which could be used to make themselves more visible. We address the class as a community, trying to inspire their creativity to think of new types of visibility garments or gadgets which they would enjoy wearing.The program was announced under the theme of recycling, therefore, we prefer recycled, used, cheap materials. The first prize is a one-day class trip for the winning school class.
- the importance of visibility,
- visibility should be part of daily life,
- wearing visibility garments, objects is not embarrassing,
- reduction of the number of accidents due to lack of visibility
- creating “conscious” pedestrians,
- designing new, creative objects, tools to be used in traffic
- combining the program with recycling, promoting cheap solutions
- learning one very important rule by playing (visibility can save lives)
- teambuilding effect (classes enter as a team),
- increasing imagination and creativity,
- addressing parents, school staff and children at the same time with one traffic issue.
Sunday, 1 November, 2015 to Monday, 1 February, 2016
Name of action 

The targeted control sites must be chosen based on the distance from the border and the possibilities of stopping the vehicles in an adequate place. It is important to have a wide variety of – mainly warm - drinks containing caffeine, to avoid people refusing it because they do not like it. During the implementation, the officers and volunteers must talk to the drivers and call their attention to the dangers of drowsy driving. Civilian organisation may be involved, volunteers can cooperate in the serving of drinks and also giving information. Peer to peer communication often is more efficient than getting the information from a uniformed officer. The campaign is a good example of how the state and the civilian sphere can cooperate in the field of accident prevention.  

How did you disseminate/are you disseminating results? 
The program is promoted by the use of the local media, and orally by the school staff, parents and children. Websites:
How did you evaluate/are you evaluating the success of your action? 
The evaluation consists of the results of the competition. The winning work is published in the local and national media. The new objects are introduced into the everyday use of the roads.