European Road Safety Charter
good practice

Good practice submission

What problem did you address/are you addressing? 
Exceeding speed limit: Surveys show that around 80% of the drivers in Lithuania constantly exceed speed limit by around 10 km/h and it has become a norm. Driving culture: Local media is often flashing with the news of accidents caused by aggressive driving where not even high speed is the culprit, but bad driving culture and aggressive or irresponsive behaviour.“Drive Safely” is a mobile app allowing the drivers to evaluate their driving quality and safety. The app offers interactive praise or reproof, depending on the measured parameters. At the end of the trip, the driver receives an evaluation of 0-10 points. A reward of 20% MTPL insurance discount code is offered once the driver achieves 100 points.
List the actions you carried/are carrying out 
Wednesday, 6 September, 2017
Name of action 

Mobile application “Drive Safely” was developed as an improved version of a similar solution first launched in Latvia by ERGO and Latvian Road Directorate in 2013.
Signing the Traffic Safety Memorandum along with over 40 other national business, public and institutional organizations. Memorandum was initiated by Lithuanian Road Directorate.
Socially focused advertising and communications campaign – promoting application and increasing traffic safety awareness.
Kick-off event with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Lithuanian Road Directorate and even a local music rap star, know for public work on socially important issues, Laisvydas Liaudanskas – Svaras, to achieve more media attention. During the event the journalists were invited to try out the new app using ERGO cars – a mini contest was arranged named “Race of Safety” where the winner was not the person to reach the goal first, but that who achieved the highest evaluation in the app.
A new discount system in ERGO sales portal, where users could redeem the discount codes they received from the app as a reward for exemplary driving.

How did you disseminate/are you disseminating results? 
There were numerous media publications
How did you evaluate/are you evaluating the success of your action? 
Our initial goal was to reach 10.000 downloads, but the actual result was exceeded by +80% (over 18.000 downloads). Over 700 drivers were issued the discount code for good driving.According to the media post-campaign analysis, the adverts reached 1.176.946 unique users (64,8% of Lithuanian internet users).
Who carried/carries out the evaluation activities? 
Internal evaluation
When did/will you carry out the evaluation? 
After the intervention
Please list the indicators you use to measure success 
Number of App download
Number of drivers issued with the discount code for good driving.
Statistics of what were the main ‘driving sins’