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Good practice submission

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Good practice submission

What problem did you address/are you addressing? 
In Greece drunk driving is among the prevailing causes for a significant number of road accidents making the need for mentality change regarding drunk driving imperative. In this context, Diageo is actively working to have an active role and contribution in this mentality change that has gradually started taking place. To this end, Diageo has formed a strong partnership with the Road Safety Institute “Panos Mylonas” supporting its experiential education program for Road Safety "AVENUE" to effectively communicate our message that when one drinks should not drive.
What are your objectives? 
raise awareness of the risks involved when driving under the influence of alcohol
drive a mentality change; encourage people to adopt a more responsible mentality towards drink and drive
support in the decrease of car accidents caused due to drunk driving
Describe the characteristics of your target audience 
• Business Executives• Professional Drivers• Students• General Public (adults)
How many people did you reach/have you reached? 
List the actions you carried/are carrying out 
Tiistai, 10 helmikuu, 2015
Name of action 

Experiential trainings during which the individuals can experience with simulation equipment drunk driving conditions and better understand the impact of an accident
Theoretical presentations regarding responsible driving
Dissemination of educational leaflets related to responsible alcohol consumption
Media Engagement

How did you evaluate/are you evaluating the success of your action? 
Based on external reports developed by our partner reporting on the pre-decided indicators.
Who carried/carries out the evaluation activities? 
External evaluation
When did/will you carry out the evaluation? 
After the intervention
Please list the indicators you use to measure success 
Number of trainings completed
Number of individuals trained
Number of hard copy media (educational leaflet on alcohol) disseminated to training attendees
Please describe the evaluation tools you use (i.e. surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.)