Europäische Charta für Straßenverkehrssicherheit
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Road safety, entertainment and social prevention

Road safety, entertainment and social prevention

Road safety campaign and social prevention dedicated to the dissemination of good practices to citizens of all ages.

Welches Problem wollen Sie angehen? 
Spreading good practices on road safety.
Was planen Sie zu tun? Beschreiben Sie Ihre Ziele: 
Prevention and dissemination of good practices and services to reduce the number of accidents, injuries and victims on the roads.
Describe the characteristics of your target audience 
Citizens of all ages around the world, with social initiatives offline in the squares, shops, schools of all kinds and degrees and events with significant media coverage. In addition, online initiatives are carried out in the various social networks, on our own platforms, partners and third parties.
Wie viele Menschen wollen Sie erreichen? 
Wie wollen Sie vorgehen? Führen Sie die Maßnahmen auf, die Sie durchführen möchten: 
Freitag, 14 August, 2015
Name of action 

GuidaBoh ® diffusion of road safety, with particular regard also to moments of fun both day and night.

Wie werden Sie Ihre Ergebnisse verbreiten? 
Both online and offline with significant feedback at local, regional and above all national level with high impact. The initiative is easily transferable, allowing the transfer, dissemination, or application of results, experience, knowledge and good practices on a national and European scale with other media value in terms of visibility. Furthermore, the initiative is constant over time, we have already been doing this for many years and we will continue also for the future with measurable results.
Wie gehen Sie vor, um den Erfolg Ihrer Maßnahme zu bewerten? 
Excellent results in the Italian national territory.
Wer wird die Evaluierung vornehmen? 
Internal evaluation
Wann werden Sie die Evaluierung durchführen? 
Before, after and continuous monitoring
Wie viele Gruppen werden Sie evaluieren? 
Bitte führen Sie die Indikatoren auf, mit denen Sie den Erfolg messen wollen 
Analytical statistical data with professional analysis tools in social and online portals. While offline through surveys, testimonies and video testimonials.
Bitte beschreiben Sie die Evaluierungswerkzeuge, die Sie verwenden wollen, z. B. Umfragen, Interviews, Schwerpunktgruppen usw. 
Professional analysis tools for online actions. While for offline actions surveys, interviews, testimonials and documentation of events with photos and videos.