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Ограничаване на пътнотранспортния травматизъм с деца
The "Krakow Together Against Drunk Driving" campaign organized by the Prodriver Foundation was aimed at promoting social attitudes and encouraging the Cracovians to oppose driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs in the context of road traffic...
There were 1,459 traffic accidents with human victims in Estonia in 2016, in which 71 people were killed and 1,821 injured. The number of accidents, deaths, and injured persons has not changed significantly since 2010. Engaging in traffic has become too self-evident to Estonian road users and they...
Insufficient following distances - In February 2018, VSV (Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge) started an awareness raising campaign to address the problem of insufficient following distances on motorways and regional roads in Flanders, Belgium. The campaign incited road users to check their...