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In the activities carried out the teachers focused on informing the students about the knowledge of the traffic signs. Different situations have also been simulated in which students have put into practice the things learned. These activities were very important because our school is in a very busy...
Divertimento in sicurezza durante le ore notturne e diurne per i cittadini per contribuire a ridurre gli incidenti stradali.
Nowadays in the modern society the accessibility from point A to point B does not actually play a significant role anymore, at least in regard to technical and time challenges. Only 100 years ago this was definitely a more difficult, daring and demanding task. Despite the technologically advanced...
Motorcycle casualties are a concern in London as a whole, but there are many different types of riders. In Lewisham we do not have the same rider casualties as a borough only 10 miles away. We are addressing a problem with young riders using a bike to commute, we have limited public transport...
Every year in Slovakia too many people die and get injured in car crashes.