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We are pleased to inform you that the ‘Good practices’ section of the ERSC’s website is now open for submissions. A good practice can be any set of actions (strategies, measures, methods, approaches etc.) that have been successfully addressing a road safety problem. If you have undertaken a project falling under this description, share it with us by submitting your good practice.

By submitting your good practice, you will be eligible to win an Excellence in Road Safety Award. This year we have a special 'school challenge' with two subcategories (infants and children, and pre-teens and adolescents). It is important to note that the call for submissions is not only open for recently developed good practices, but submissions can also include less recent but still ongoing good practices.

In order to submit your good practice, you first have to sign a commitment by becoming a member of the ERSC community. You can find more information about joining the European Road Safety Charter on this page. More information on the call for good practices and the main evaluation criteria can be found here.

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IVESUR es la única empresa existente en la ciudad de Melilla (85 000 habitantes con una media de 2 turismos por familia ) que opera en el área de la Inspección Técnica de Vehículos (ITV). Al pasar las inspecciones técnicas los conductores no respetan los carriles para una correcta circulación y...
Alcohol y Drogas en la conducción
The Open Youth Institute for Research Education and Development (iRED) built its road safety strategy on three main pillars, supported by concrete projects.Pillar 1: YOUNG PEOPLE through the "Road safety advocates" project tackles three main problems:1. On local level there is underused...
Las personas con discapacidad psíquica ven mermadas sus posibilidades de vida autónoma al enfrentarse con los problemas derivados de la movilidad, como peatones y/o usuarios de transporte público. Mediante este proyecto se aborda la falta de hábitos seguros en el uso de las vías y los transportes...
"CONCENTRATE ON THE ROAD" "DRIVER DISTRACTION CONTINUES TO BE A PROBLEM" Driver distraction is a major problem at the moment and especially for modern day parents of school going kids, The main example that all kids can relate to is mammy or daddy on the mobile phone whilst...