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We are committed to global road safety for children

Since its origins, the Abertis Foundation's priorities have been to generate and share new knowledge of road safety and to raise awareness of the need for a safe mobility among different key groups. Throughout these years, the aim of the road safety programme has been to support drivers in all the phases of their lives and in all the countries where the Group has a significant presence: Brazil, Chile, Spain, France, Argentina and Puerto Rico.

We are committed to research into road safety

We are committed to road safety through awareness-raising campaigns and support for international organisations

Abertis is working towards a vision of road safety based on the values of the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, focused on five pillars: safe infrastructures, road safety management, safer vehicles, safer user behaviour and improved post-crash response.

We are committed to applying the best practices in planning, design, building, maintenance and operations