European Road Safety Charter
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Road Safety - Young people

We are committed to global road safety for young people

-#Sumatuluz (#Addyourlight) project, a novel campaign to highlight the risk of driving after consuming alcohol and other drugs. An ex-convict who has served time for driving after consuming drugs is featured in a video where he speaks to young people while they are partying in a club. The action is supplemented with a viral campaign on social networks with the hashtag #Sumatuluz. Results for the first month of the campaign: 10 million users reached, 40 million comments on Twitter alone, and over 270,000 video plays.
-Continuity of the project entitled “Te queda una vida, no la pierdas en la carretera” ("You only have one life, don't lose it on the road". Actions carried out in popular nightlife spots in Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Chile in order to sensitise young people and raise awareness of the risks of irresponsible driving. Volunteers with spinal cord injuries incurred in traffic accidents inform young people of the possible fatal consequences of irresponsible actions behind the wheel, such as becoming distracted, speeding or not using a seat belt, among others.
-Autoroute Académie. A web series created with young motorway users who voluntarily take a driving test. After recording the test, the young people can see it and learn from their mistakes. This web series can be followed through an Internet portal aimed at young drivers, and which –like a virtual driving school– offers a range of educational contents on specific aspects (such as approaching a toll booth, how to respond in the case of a breakdown on the motorway, riding motorbikes, etc.).