European Road Safety Charter
members activities

Staying safe on the road.

Our aim as a school is to bring children aware of dangers on the road. To stay safe as a pedestrian and also as passengers in a car with an adults. We planned fun and informative activities for children of ages 3-11 years.

Wearing a helmet is a must. Make it a family rule, if there is no helmet then there is no bike (scooter or skateboard).
Activity idea 1: show video to children

Discuss with children and take a short video of children wearing a safety helmet to ride their bike during a school activity.
Stay seated on the bus especially when coming to school.
Activity idea 2: show video to children

Discuss with children and pretend you are on a bus, role play going from one place to another by bus (using chairs in a row ) Children are free to do this maybe while singing wheels on the bus and how they should remain seated at all times.
What to do if you get lost.
Activity idea 3: Show video to children

Discuss with children who are the safe people to ask for help like police officer, fire fighter, another mother with children are some examples. Here children might have an experience of being lost so they can retell their own stories and who they asked for help. How did they feel?
The importance of sitting on the back seat of the car and putting our seat belt on.
Activity 4: Show song to children.

Discuss why it is important to be secure when we are in the car. Children must always put their seatbelts on and they should remind their parents to help them do so until they can do it themselves.
Crossing the road from the lights or on a zebra crossing.
Activity 5: Show video

Discuss why it is always safe to follow the traffic signs, use the rules we learned on how to cross safely. We can role play it on our safety day at school using our traffic lights and zebra crossing to cross the road safely.
Road Safety Rules and Tips for kids
Activity 6: Show this clip, it shows many features of how to stay safe on the road. Then make a quiz with the children to see what children can remember about road safety.

Role play it on our safety day at school using our traffic lights and zebra crossing:


  • The yard is prepared as if it is a road.
  • We put signs with arrows for direction.
  • Place zebra lines and lights in a prominent section.
  • Put signs that a zebra crossing/ light are approaching.
  • Cars are placed in the parking lot.
  • Push chairs and phones/dolls are in the pedestrian area.
  • Ambulance equipped with a phone to answer for emergency.
  • Children are first shown available resources/props.
  • Children are given a choice to be drivers or pedestrians.
  • One child drives the ambulance and another chooses to be run over.
  • One chooses to call for help and knows what to say when phoning.
  • Activity can start and we sing the song I am driving in my car.
  • One car keeps on going when the lights are red and a child who is crossing is run over.
  • The pedestrian calls for help 112 and says where the accident happened.
  • Ambulance leaves from parking lot after answering call.
  • Ambulance arrives and takes boy away to hospital with the siren on.
  • Cars carry on driving after road is clear.
  • We also use another emergency call for help to turn out a fire. This time a child is standing on the higher part of the slide and a fire man helps her down after they put out the pretend fire. Children will alternate and change from being pedestrians to drivers. The role of fire man and ambulance driver is changed too.
  • After having fun driving and staying safe on the road the children can park the cars put the resources in their place to be used by other classes.
  •  Children go back in class.