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Tehnical School Slavonski Brod, Croatia project "Goo Be Cool"

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Technical School as part of the project “Goo Be Cool” and Culture Week 23.-27.1.2017.has been recognized the traffic culture as an important part of prevention program of traffic safety. The students through the three parts of traffic culture met with the transport culture of pedestrians, cyclists traffic culture and traffic culture motorcyclists and drivers. In Technical School we recognized the problem of traffic culture as one part of a preventive program for traffic safety. The students gave lectures to students of the first class of the pedestrians as traffic participants, students of other classes as cyclists road users and third class as bikers and motorists. the students are shown the various video clips through which they could see and make comments on any problems encountered and how to avoid them. Students are selected to independently carry out lectures to his colleagues and on that way they get experience on the prezentetion skills too. mag.traffic Zrinka Pehar